Who Heals all Your Diseases Mark 1: 29-34

Read: Mark 1: 29-34

I. The Problem.

While affirming our need to believe and pray for physical healing, we noted that there are problems with certain healing practices and teachings that we have seen within the evangelical church. Discuss how some of the things that we have witnessed have detracted from what we see in Scripture, have damaged people, and dragged Christ’s Name through the mud.

*A Lack of Preaching and Teaching focus.

*A gateway to all that is Bizarre and man centered.

*A disregard or ignorance of the sovereignty of God in healing.

Discuss especially the last point and Luke 5:17

Pray: That God would send His power to heal and that we would have a passion to pray for healing.

II. The Pattern

In the Gospel’s we see Jesus genuinely healing people. They were not “maybe healed” or “kind of healed”, they were actually healed. While we can affirm that God does sometimes heal people gradually*, especially through natural processes and medical expertise, instantaneous miracles in the Gospels are authentic and not subject to uncertainty. The healing actually occurred.

*Sometimes the case has been made for a gradual miracle of healing (not just natural or medical healing). The aim here is not to make a sealed case against any and all such gradual, miraculous healings, but is to point out that even if this is the case the healing is authentic and actually happens. Furthermore, there can be no doubt that the text in which we are looking at is about instantaneous and immediately complete healings.

The pattern is that Christ initiated His healing ministry and wanted and wants to heal people. Surely, we have example after example of people pursuing Him to be healed, but this is because of what they already seen and known of Christ. He has initiated the Kingdom and with the Kingdom comes healing; real healing.

Discuss some of the things that was noted about the circumstances involved in our text. For example; the emphasis on community.

III. The Purpose

Why heal people; what is the purpose? Immediately we think of Christ’s compassion upon people. He sypathizes with us in our pain and knows our desire to be whole and live. He felt a father and mother’s grief over their sick child. He knew the helplessness a community was going through over a loved who who was wracked with disease. Jesus loves people and wants to help them.

Yet, we must go further. Sin had brought a death sentence upon all of humanity; every person without exception. Death is the ultimate proof of the effect of sin. In Jesus, we have the only one who can reverse this sentence. Only Christ can break in and reveal a kingdom in which disease and death are vanquished. In healing people, Jesus, the healing King, is giving them proof of the kingdom that had currently broken in among them as well as a taste of what the future kingdom will be like; no disease and no death. In this we see again the already and not yet aspect of the kingdom. Christ purchased our healing through His atoning work; see Matthew 8:17 & Isaiah 53:5. All believers, without exception will ultimately be healed and given new and gloriously resurrected bodies. Sometimes, we get a taste of what that will be like in miraculous healings in the here and now.

Discuss how miraculous healings are both proof of the kingdom that is among us now and a taste of what the future kingdom will be like.

Please close by reading through and meditating on all of Psalm 103

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